Specialised in providing high performance acoustic solutions made from recycled PET bottles. Turning single used plastics into a high-quality finished products for the design industry.

Established in 2015 in Switzerland, our mission is to combine sustainability with the simplicity of good design. All our products rely solely on the use of the durable high-tech felt (deceptively similar to traditional wool) and recycled steel. Product designs follow strict algorithms found in nature.

Apart of a wide and customizable array of products, we offer bespoke solutions. A network of highly specialized product designers and architects translate your creativity. Together, we find new ways to turn your ideas into reality. Just like Jazz musicians playing the same song differently each time.

We make sure that the investment into our acoustic solutions will be a good one. Together with a network of acoustic consultants, we will advise you how to use our products most efficiently and within budget. Even though we do not install ourselves, we can surely assist you and provide complete installation guides for all of our products. If however, you want to be sure our beautiful products are installed impeccable, contact our network of professional installers.

Good Acousticsand elegant design

As Switzerland’s leading full-range provider of room acoustics, Bellton AG focuses
on design and innovative materials – with ECHOJAZZ as a perfect partner.

Stefan Furrer
Founder & CEO

Bellton AG

Acoustics is our competence. Our passion is the creation of design-oriented, bespoke solutions.

Andreas Aretz
Acoustician & CEO

Acoustic Cologne

I am fascinated by how design-oriented and versatile applicable our product is. Beyond that it is environmental-friendly – this makes it absolutely unique!

Alexandre Bonnard
EPFL Production Engineer


ECHOJAZZ brings a new sound to architecture and the acoustics become more colorful.

Jean-luc Bertrand

Atema Paris

We are a humancentric, total solution provider, creating workplaces for positive employee experience. ECHOJAZZ product range fits in perfectly in our scope, allowing our designers to offer our esteem customers beautiful yet effective acoustic solutions.

Pantelis Kouzis
General Manager

EKA Hellas SA

Our PlanetIS KEY

Developing sustainable products that are good for our planet is our daily motivation. Designing them to address a wide variety of projects is our passion!

Through the use of disposable plastic in our products (mostly PET bottles) we strive for a solution for a gentler handling of natural resources.

Our initiative shows that it is possible to tackle the problem and move people – but we still have a long way to go. Each of us can play a role in the solution. It is up to the creative industry to reinvent defective materials, products and business models. Only the consumer can increase the demand for change.

As the only supplier, ECHOJAZZ offers a product take back program for all non-polluted products. Thus, all products can be returned to the end of their life cycle for recycling. Compared to the production of new PET, the use of recycled PET saves up to 84% of energy.

The fibres are dyed without any environmental pollution, as the fibre is already dyed in the liquid state. All dyeing agents remain in the liquid material and are then processed together with the base material to the felt, whereby any colour waste is completely avoided.