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«Turn plastic into something fantastic»

Plastic is not degradable. More and more micro plastics find their way into food and ultimately also into our blood circulation.

We transform the pollution into high-performance acoustic absorbers and turn the problem into a solution. EchoPanel is 100% PET (polyethylene terephthalate). Per square meter ECHOJAZZ upcycles between 47-72 PET bottles from landfills and the Pacific. As the sole supplier, ECHOJAZZ offers a product redemption program for all unpolluted products. This means that all EchoPanel® can be returned for recycling at the end of their life cycle.

ECHOJAZZ is committed to sustainable design and is committed to using recycled EchoPanel®. Compared to the production of new PET, the use of recycled PET saves up to 84% of the energy. The coloration of the EchoPanel® is carried out without any environmental pollution since the fiber is already dyed in the liquid state. All coloring agents remain in the liquid material and are then processed into the felt together with the base material, which completely avoids any color waste. According to ASTM International, EchoPanel® emits only a VOC (emissions of volatile organic compounds) of <0.02 mg / m2 / h (over 7 days).