Acoustic ceilings enable sound proofing at the ceiling, i.e. the place that often offers the most space for optimising the room acoustics. ECHOJAZZ offers sound absorbers of the highest quality and in a wide variety of designs. Our solutions are easy to install and fit perfectly into any room architecture.

With these 4 types of ceiling absorbers from ECHOJAZZ, you can achieve optimum sound insulation in a first-class design:

Acoustic sails for any floor plan

Our top seller can be cut to any shape and angle to fit any room. Acoustic sails are the key to defining room design and large-scale acoustic improvement without compromising the room’s floor plan.

Custom-made ceiling baffles

Our acoustic baffles, suspended vertically from the ceiling, are the most efficient way to provide sound proofing across the entire surface of the room. EchoBaffle® is popular with architects as a clear design statement to give the space a distinct identity.

Acoustic solution for grid ceilings

For existing or new standard grid ceilings, we have an outstanding solution: our EchoGrid® 3D inlay system. As an iconic design, it visibly distinguishes itself from conventional ceilings and noticeably and audibly upgrades heavily frequented rooms.

3D ceiling sails for noisy rooms

Three-dimensional diamond facets dampen the noise level and act as a diffuser for sound waves. Additional elements can be added seamlessly thanks to the hexagonal shape, allowing for stunning ceiling designs with spectacular arrangements and colour combinations.

Discover our products and specify your desired solution directly in the configurator. We specialise in tailor-made solutions, and with our many years of experience we are happy to adapt our products to your requirements and spatial conditions.