EchoBaffles® suspended vertically from the ceiling combine efficient acoustic well-being and striking design in open ceilings.It is visibly different from conventional ceilings. The open ceiling concepts also ensure the integration of the building structures in terms of climate technology while optimising the room acoustics at the same time. The inlays are plugged together on site and hooked into the grid ceiling without tools. The very light grid inlays can be easily removed, allowing easy access for maintenance of the building services.

The high acoustic performance of EchoBaffles® effectively dampens sound and “audibly” upgrades rooms with high noise levels. As a customised solution with individual design, the acoustic ceiling becomes a special eye-catcher and lends the room a lot of dynamism.

EchoBaffle® allows ceilings ranging from understated simplicity to dramatic sculptural shapes. The creations of the ECHOJAZZ designers are only a starting point, we are happy to work out individual designs on customer request. Complete reusability after use guaranteed – zero waste!


  • EchoBaffle® 24mm PLAIN
  • EchoBaffle® 24mm VOGUE
  • EchoBaffle® 24mm CORNER
  • EchoBaffle® 12mm VOGUE
  • EchoBaffle® 12mm CORNER
  • EchoBaffle® 12mm PLAIN