EchoLED® EQ4

Probably the coolest workplace lamp which was developed in cooperation with Bartenbach for demanding architects. The elegant EchoLED® EQ4 integrates itself almost invisibly into the high performance acoustic sails and offers an extraordinary light quality. The module offers all possibilities of digital light control, is standard with DALI drivers and dimmable. This acoustic lighting solution is supplied ready plugged in and can be connected or replaced like a floor lamp. The modules are available in black, brass or aluminium.
The “”EchoLED® Double L”” (180 x 238cm) with two light modules is used for optimum illumination of two opposite workstations. The acoustic sail overlaps the worktable by approx. 40cm so that the working area is completely covered. The ideal distance between the tabletop and the light source is more than 170cm – the strongly directional luminaire is not suitable for very low rooms.