what is EchoCoustic®?
The EchoCoustic® is a high-quality sound absorber, which is mounted on walls and ceilings without any spacing and thus achieves a sensational absorption level of 85%. The 3-layer EchoCoustic® has a material thickness of 25mm and consists of 100% PET, of which at least 50% is recycled. The surface impresses with its beautiful high-tech felt and is available in 34 colours. The middle layer gives the EchoCoustic® its stiffness and makes the product pinable. The base is responsible for the excellent acoustic values.

The installation of the EchoCoustic® is extremely simple, which is supported by the optional frame. Since the EchoCoustic® is mounted directly on the wall or ceiling, the loss of space is very low despite the highest acoustic performance.

The EchoCoustic® is a direct answer to questions of ecological and economic sustainability that arise in contemporary interior design, interior decoration and renovation.

  • EchoCoustic® 25mm
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