Quiet coffee break

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“Good coffee and no distracting noises.” This is often the answer to the question of where to feel good.

For the best espresso, there are the machines from the Zurich-based Zuriga manufactory. In the flagship store however, employees and customers suffered from highly sound-reflecting exposed concrete and large glass windows.

For the best acoustics, there is the special EchoCoustic® board by ECHOJAZZ. Although the Trois-Feuille EchoCoustic® is primarily suitable for direct mounting against walls or ceilings, the high-end absorber was used as an acoustic ceiling sail in the Zuriga store. The architectural concept remained flawless, noticeable is the improved shop atmosphere. Today, workshops can take place, customers can be served and a cup of espresso can be enjoyed in the open store area at the same time.


Acoustic Ceilings