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Leuenberger Architekten AG, Inwil and RAUMUNDDESIGN AG, Wolhusen, designed and executed the new construction of a residential and commercial building, Dubemoos 2 in Rain, the new headquarters of LED-X, GmbH. For the lighting manufacturer with its own production facility, only products that are on a par with its own luminaires in terms of design and flexibility were considered for the acoustic ceilings. AKON AG was called in as an installation partner and ceiling specialist during the planning phase.

In the offices, ECHOJAZZ acoustic sails and geometric light bands from the company’s own manufacture were chosen. The asphalt-black ceiling sails and the LED lights, also powder-coated in black, complement each other ideally to create a subtle mobile. In the common room, the lighting brings to life the also dark, wave-shaped EchoBaffle. For focused meetings, additional luminaires are cleverly hidden between the slats. In the often neglected service zone with photocopier, wall panels with a relief structure dampen unpleasant noise.

Together, the lighting and acoustic measures result in office spaces that meet modern expectations of well-being. We would like to thank ECHOJAZZ partner AKON AG and the entire project team for this impressive project.

Acoustic Ceilings