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With every ECHOJAZZ product, recycled PET and thus a circular material is installed. Sustainability is particularly important as the construction industry is responsible for almost 40% of all CO2 emissions* worldwide. Every recycled PET bottle is an important contribution to environmental protection. That is why we created the ECHOLOGIC AWARD to honour partners who have made a particularly significant contribution. The ECHOLOGIC AWARD Bronze was awarded to various distribution partners who used ECHOJAZZ products with a recycling content of more than 100,000 PET bottles in their projects last year. We were also able to award the ECHOLOGIC AWARD Silver and the ECHOLOGIC AWARD Gold to partners who used more than 250,000 and even more than 500,000 recycled PET bottles respectively. Congratulations for this great achievement and a big round of applause – KEEP GOING!

The award will also be presented in 2023. We count the recycling amount of all projects of the whole year from all partners. Please contact us with your project request.

* Source: UN 2019 Global Status Report for Buildings and Construction

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Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Switzerland
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