The ceiling sculpture

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An aging grid ceiling can become a more expensive infrastructure project, because all the wiring has to be taken into account during the renovation. It is much easier if the technology and the grid are retained and only the tiles have to be replaced.

This was exactly the starting situation at a cutting site at ECHOJAZZ. The grid ceiling could be upgraded with a sculptural ceiling made of EchoGrid® without any structural measures. The individual elements were plugged into modules and inserted into the existing grid without the need for tools. In addition to acoustic calming, the new open structure helps to improve the climatic conditions of the room.

The blade-shaped elements couldn’t be better suited to the cutting area where EchoBoards® are individually and precisely shaped for ECHOJAZZ customers.

Acoustic Ceilings
ECHOJAZZ Headquarter and Showroom
ECHOJAZZ Headquarter and Showroom
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