The labyrinth of the inner ear

An der Universität Politecnico in Madrid konnte an einem Wettbewerb der Firmeneingang von Espacio Aretha mit EchoBoard® von ECHOJAZZ gestaltet werden. Der Siegerentwurf ist vom Labyrinth des Innenohrs inspiriert.
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ECHOJAZZ and our Spanish partner Aretha launched a design contest with Universidad Politécnica de Madrid The task was to connect the street to the entrance of the Aretha office and the winning design is by Ana from Brasil.

The proposal draws inspiration from the intricate structure of the inner ear canal, known as the labyrinth, where sound waves resonate and reverberate, eventually absorbed into a deep silence. The construct consists of 11 vertical planes intersected by a cone, creating a vibrant, multicoloured void using EchoBoard® panels in hues reminiscent of a sunset over the sea. CNC-cut panels are connected by ribs.

Upon entry, visitors are enveloped in an acoustic environment resembling the sounds of the sea and wind passing through natural formations (listen to the Soundtrack here). Dynamic LED lighting embedded within the slats pulsates rhythmically, evoking a sense of calm and tranquility. A video wall displaying images of sunsets and landscapes sculpted by the erosion of water and wind completes the immersive experience.

The project offers a sensory-rich environment inspired by nature, providing acoustic comfort and visual tranquility through its creative use of EchoBoards.

Extraordinary project
Espacio Aretha
Espacio Aretha
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