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On the site of Oslo’s former wine warehouses, a new neighbourhood for living and working has been developed. AF Gruppen led the project around the core renovation of the old brick halls. Hotel Häsle Linie is the meeting place in the neighbourhood where people gather and linger.

The focus of the architecture by Scenario Interiørarkitekter for the hotel bistro and restaurant was to create a welcoming atmosphere. The large-scale construction is paired with variously designed meeting zones and calming green plants. The atmosphere is improved acoustically and visually by a large open acoustic ceiling EchoBaffle®. It unifies the room and has a dynamic effect.

The room was constructed with 3D renderings where the acoustic baffles were optimally positioned. With minimal waste, 318 elements were produced custom-made and numbered for easy installation. On site, the project was managed and installed by ECHOJAZZ partner Byggimpuls.

Environmentally conscious construction was a priority for the building project. The acoustic panels are 100% recyclable and contain a total of 13,000 recycled PET bottles.

Acoustic Target
Acoustic well-being directly translates into longer stays and higher spendings. Therefore the high-performance acoustic ceiling spans over the entire guest room surface.
Expected noise leveL
Desired noise reduction
EchoBoards Total
Acoustic Investment per m2 *
75 EUR
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