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If your company wants to be a leader in sustainable development, you naturally have to aks for smart materials when building a canteen. Our ECHOJAZZ products are firstly made from 74 recycled PET bottles per square meter and secondly a 100% recyclable in the future.
For this project in Madrid our local partner Espacio Aretha implemented a clean solution: The simple yet elegant room divider EchoTorrent® gets the most attention, an ECHOJAZZ developed product for installation up to 4 metres room height. The main contributor to acoustic well-being in the canteen for more than 100 people are both the ceiling elements EchoBaffle® and wall cladding EchoMonoc®.
Acoustic Target
At lunchtime a canteen gets very noisy but employers expect lunch break to be a relaxing time. Therefore a lot of focus was given to a high acoustic protection.
Expected noise leveL
Desired noise reduction
EchoBoards Total
Acoustic Investment per m2 *
75 EUR
Espacio Aretha
Espacio Aretha