EchoTower® SQUARE

The EchoTower® is the pioneering product in zero noise and zero waste for every room. The acoustic column is cut from a sheet of EchoBoard®, the high-performance absorber made from recycled PET bottles. But that is not all. With a Zero Waste target, ECHOJAZZ products are taken back and shredded together with offcuts to produce EchoFlakes®. Filled with these flakes, the EchoTower® increases the acoustic comfort and closes the material cycle.
The EchoTower® does not require any assembly. An adjustable foot, with or without rollers, made of powder-coated sheet steel is optional.

The monolith with homogeneous felt surface achieves outstanding absorption values and ensures acoustic well-being. The recyclable EchoTower® stands for sustainability by design without compromise – with over 750 recycled PET bottles per acoustic column.



The EchoTower® with outstanding absorption values is one of the best acoustic columns on the market. Especially in rooms with a lot of glass and concrete the monolith increases the well-being. One EchoTower® SQUARE M is sufficient for a meeting room up to 15m2. For larger rooms one EchoTower® SQUARE L per 15m2 is recommended. For low tones a placement in the corners of the room is ideal, for higher tones the EchoTower® can also be placed in the middle of the room. The acoustic column is robust, easy to clean and lightfast – in addition, the EchoTower® has a regulating effect on the room temperature and humidity.


The acoustic column is made entirely from our EchoBoard®. The certified material meets the highest requirements in terms of ecological and health requirements and consists of more than 50% recycled PET bottles. But with over 50% recycling is not enough! With a zero waste target, ECHOJAZZ products are taken back and shredded together with offcuts to produce EchoFlakes®. With these flakes from old EchoBoard® sheets, the material cycle closes without waste. More than 750 PET bottles are recycled in an EchoTower® SQUARE L.



Consultation and design by ECHOJAZZ for every budget.

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    • EchoTower® 24mm SQUARE STAND
    • EchoTower® 24mm SQUARE MOVE
    • EchoTower® 24mm SQUARE ECO