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Ecological, robust, and versatile high-performace acoustic absorbers manufactured from recycled PET bottles. ECHOJAZZ creates custom-made individual solutions for a strong improvement of comfort and room quality in architecture, gastronomy, creative industry, open office spaces, and homes. 100% Swiss design, 100% zero waste.
Fabricated from 74 PET bottles per square meter our EchoBoards® combine function, design, and sustainability. The soft, felt-like haptics fit perfectly with a wide range of natural materials such as stone, concrete, glass, and wood. EchoBoards® are classified for fire protection and available in up to 34 colours. As an eye-catching interior piece or an inconspicuous utility object – ECHOJAZZ upgrades your room with comforting and sustainable effect.

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The open and highly compressed felt structure is more effective than conventional acoustic composites. Though 40% thinner, the EchoBoard® achieves comparable absorption rates as conventional high-performance acoustic absorbers.


PET-felt absorbs moisture from the environment and releases it again. This contributes to a improved room climate. Since the fiber hardly absorbs water, no mold infestation can arise.


EchoBoard® is cut on the CNC cutting plotter. Adaptation work takes place dust-free on site by using carpet knife. Other means of processing include crown drill, circular- or jigsaw.


Measurements have shown that by coloring the PET in the liquid state, ECHOJAZZ products are practically free of emissions. In addition, the material does not emit any dangerous fibers which can be inhaled.


EchoBoard® meets the highest European standard (B-s1, d0) of flame retardant materials. In the event of a fire, the material emmits no to slight smoke formation.


The fibers of the PET composite are dyed in the liquid state. EchoBoard® achieves the highest requirements for application in commercial projects.


EchoBoard® stores heat from the ambient air and delivers it when the air temperature drops. This contributes to lower energy costs and a stable and comfortable room climate. .


EchoBoard® is hardly ductile and therefore very shape-resistant, tear-resistant. The cleaning is carried out by means of a vacuum cleaner. Strong soiling can be removed with all commercially available carpet cleaners without leaving residues.

High Perfomance

Our high performance acoustic absorbers are more ecological, robust, lighter and more flexible in their application than any other comparable product.


Synthesis of light, colour and acoustic comfort

Installation of suspended EchoSail® acoustic panels in the patio with a design that...

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Arthouse cinema with monochrome wall cladding


27'000 upcycled PET bottles for Bosch

Bosch is now relying on the acoustic elements from ECHOJAZZ for flexible use as acoustic ceiling elements, acoustic luminaires, acoustic wall cladding and decorative room dividers.

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EchoBoard® is optimally suited in the medical field

Heavy contamination can be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide in the highest concentration without leaving..

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At ECHOJAZZ we unite sustainability with simplicity of great design. To save our environment we see the full cycle as the only possibility.

Recycled raw materials: From disposable plastics to high-end products for the design industry: Our products are made of 100% PET with a minimum portion of 50% recycled PET.

Re-useable products: As a first mover, ECHOJAZZ has started a return-programme for all products, and we offer to take back and recycle our products after you have used them.

Zero waste: We generate fresh raw material out of used products and offcut.

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