Acoustic sails are key elements to achieve both individual room design and large-scale acoustic improvement without constraining a room’s floor plan. These lightweight and maintenance-free elements can be cut to any shape, angle, or perforation. EchoSail® is suspended horizontally from the structure above, either fixed to a frame and secured by safety hooks or with suspension cables screwed directly into the panel where less than 1000mm long.

A wide variety of ceiling designs can be realised by individual forms and we offer a large choice of colours for the EchoSail®. While we offer standard shapes, bespoke shapes and sizes can be created to the customers requirements. EchoSail® can provide an impressive feature while also improving acoustic comfort within a room.

  • EchoSail® 12mm RECTANGLE
  • EchoSail® 12mm BUTTERFLY
  • EchoSail® 12mm HEXAGON
  • EchoSail® 12mm ROUND
  • EchoSail® 12mm SQUARE
  • EchoSail® 24mm SQUARE
  • EchoSail® 24mm ROUND
  • EchoSail® 24mm HEXAGON
  • EchoSail® 24mm BUTTERFLY
  • EchoSail® 24mm STONE
  • EchoSail® 24mm RECTANGLE